How much does it cost to clean a rug?
$36 per sqm, however silk rugs and genuine animal skins are $60 per sqm.

What is the best way to clean a rug?
Rugs vary in construction and materials, so there is no one size fits all process, but we recommend machine washing where possible or low moisture hand cleaning in specific cases.

Is it worth it to clean an area rug?
Yes, regular cleaning keeps your rug looking fresh, extending the life of the rug by removing abrasive contaminants and deodorising residual odours.

How much does it cost to professionally clean a wool rug?

How do you clean an area rug yourself?
DIY cleaning is not recommended as incorrect methods can cause irreversible damage.

How do you clean a rug in the bath?
Cleaning a rug in the bath is not recommended and could cause irreversible damage to the rug fibres and backing.

Can I use a carpet shampooer on an area rug?
You can but shampooers leave sticky chemicals in the fibres that will attract dirt and cause rapid re-soiling.

How do you clean an area rug without a carpet cleaner?
Vacuuming provides a surface only treatment and actually pushes dirt deeper into the fibres.

Can you take a rug to the dry cleaner?
Some dry cleaners can clean thin woven rugs, but they are usually outsourcing professional cleaning to a company like ours.

Why is rug cleaning so expensive?
Our expertise in the cleaning process is customised to get the best result for your rug, representing value for money.

Where can I get an area rug cleaned?
The Rug Cleaning Company, Canning Vale.

How do you clean a living room rug?
All rugs are inspected, and the cleaning process is duly customised to suit your rug.