Many customers do question the chemicals that are being used in the carpet cleaning process. It’s only natural to want to know if it effects the life of the carpet and whether there are any health risks. There are many chemicals used in carpet cleaning in order to get the best results. Some of these chemicals can be erosive that will shorten the lifetime of your carpet and can be toxic. Some of these chemicals also carry health risks for you, your family and your pets. It’s imperative that you choose cleaning products that are safe and non-toxic.

Let’s look at four chemicals that are used by Pure Dry when carpeting cleaning in Perth:


Citafresh is a very popular cleaning agent for heavily soiled, greasy carpets that have accumulated a great deal of dirt over a period of time. This is probably the best cleaning agent for seriously dirty carpets. It offers an orange deodorant that leaves behind a fresh aroma and your carpet is very clean. It can be used on all types of carpet fiber, t’s safe and will not damage your carpet because it’s also very gentle. You can use Citafresh on woolen carpets as well as fine silk rugs with commercial components. You can also use Citafresh as a laundry detergent for a really nice aroma.


If you have a carpet that is seriously nasty and gives off a really foul odor, OdoBan is the perfect product for your use. This cleaning agent absorbs the odors, replaced with a very pleasant, fresh smell. It can be used against both domestic as well as industrial odors. OdoBan eliminates rotten vegetable odors, sulfur odors, the smell of vomit along with smells from petroleum products. There are also many other smells that the product will get rid of for good. It is the very best cleaning agent for dispelling terrible smells from your carpet. After cleaning the carpet, simply vacuum and you will be very, very pleased with the outcome.

Sensation Carpet Spotter:

Stains can be a very difficult element to get out of carpets. Many commercial stain removers that claim great results just don’t work. If you have a specific stain, Sensation Carpet Spotter is the best product for your problem. It’s excellent on high traffic areas such as by the front or back door, areas where food spills, blood and vomit and other forms of waste. Sensation Carpet Spotter will remove feces and other wastes from your carpet, leaving it looking clean and new. It works on man-made fibers and is not too harsh on carpets.

Grease Release Spotter:

If you have oily or greasy stains on your carpet this is an excellent agent to use. Grease Release Spotter removes stains very quickly, saving you a great deal of labor and time. It will remove an array of stubborn stains on a variety of carpets and fibers. This chemical can be rinsed with water and there will be no chemical deposits left behind in the carpet fibers. This very effective product is highly recommended by many commercial and domestic cleaners for many many applications.

These are the main cleaning products used in our industry but we recommend using our revolutionary and unique carpet cleaning system. Contact us today to know more!

There is nothing greater than having your carpet cleaned, it looks terrific and has a really nice scent.

The biggest concern by most people is how long do you have to wait before walking across it. Technically, you can walk across it right away, just not with your shoes on and make sure your feet are clean! Any dirt or grime from your shoes or feet will go right back into the wet carpet.

How long it takes for a carpet to completely dry depends on various factors. The type of carpet and the amount of soiling will have an effect on the drying time. Another factor, the method used to clean the carpet will dictate the drying time.

Here are two leading cleaning methods; Dry Cleaning & Steam Cleaning. Let’s look at these methods to determine how long it will take for your carpet to be completely clean.

Dry Cleaning

There are two different methods for dry cleaning carpets. One method uses a dry foam to clean the carpet, then the foam and dirt are both sucked up into a vacuum. The other method is the use of a cotton bonnet that spins from side to side, pulling up all the dirt within the carpet. Dry cleaning obviously uses little to no water so the dry time is extremely low. Keep one thing in mind, if you choose dry cleaning it does not give you the same deep cleaning results that that steam cleaning does.

With dry cleaning, almost all carpets have a zero wait time so your carpet is ready for immediate traffic. As a matter of fact, carpet cleaners refer to this method of cleaning as zero dry time. That is not always the case though. There are dry cleaning methods that use liquid detergents during the cleaning action that will take time to dry. Before jumping on a dry cleaning method, find out what type of dry cleaning method will be used and what, if any, detergent will also be used within the process.

Steam Cleaning

Because steam cleaning uses moisture to clean with, it will take time for your carpet to completely dry. Also, the weather conditions at the time of the cleaning and the atmospheric condition inside your home will effect the drying time and probably take an even longer period of time.

In a break down, the warmer the temperature, the faster it will dry. A hot summer day will take between 2 to 4 hours to dry with steam cleaning. A cold, rainy winter day is probably going to take a little longer than that to dry. The use of very hot water in steam cleaning will allow your carpet to dry faster because of evaporation and removing the liquid with a industrial vacuum. On the other hand, very thick, high-end carpets will take longer to dry than other carpets.